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‹See TfM› Lee Ho-seok, known by his stage name Wonho, is a South Korean singer under Highline Entertainment. He is a former member of South Korean boy band Monsta X, which debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2015. Wonho made his solo debut in September 2020 with the EP Love Synonym Pt. 1: Right for Me. Source: Wikipedia

WONHO - Come Over Tonight Lyrics

WONHO – Come Over Tonight Lyrics

Come Over Tonight Lyrics – WONHO Filling up my daydream Tasty like a whipped cream Baby know that I Know that I love you Know that I Know that I […]

WONHO - 247 Lyrics

WONHO – 24/7 Lyrics

24/7 Lyrics – WONHO You and I Let’s stay forever young You and I will stay, stay around You and I Let’s stay forever young I’m here for you 24/7 […]

WONHO - Stranger Lyrics

WONHO – Stranger Lyrics

Stranger Lyrics – WONHO Nega eomneun bameun gipeo Pureun badaneun jame deureo Nuneul gamgo neol geuryeo Byeonhaebeorin sesang soge Hollo namgyeojyeo I’m fallin’ What I gotta do Tell me I’ve […]

WONHO - BLUE (English Ver.) Lyrics

WONHO – BLUE (English Ver.) Lyrics

BLUE (English Ver.) Lyrics – WONHO I’m drowning down into the blue, it feels amazing Swimming high up to the sky, am I going crazy? Darling I can’t get enough, […]

WONHO - Lose Lyrics

WONHO – Lose Lyrics

Lose Lyrics – WONHO 마치 단 한번도 누구도 사랑한 적이 없듯이 아무도 누구도 허락한 적 없듯이 내 마지막이라고 믿었던 너를 깨끗이 지워냈지 니 멋대로 끊어버린 chain 아직 묶여있는데, oh why? […]