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Category: TEMS

TEMS - Free Mind Lyrics

TEMS – Free Mind Lyrics

Free Mind Lyrics By TEMS I said 5 in the morning I wake up to fight for my earning Fear in my mind is a warning Pray to the one […]

TEMS - Higher Lyrics

TEMS – Higher Lyrics

Higher Lyrics By TEMS Tell me why you’re crying now. Kini big deal When you gave me something I don’t really feel But you knew that already When I found […]

TEMS - Damages Lyrics

TEMS – Damages Lyrics

Damages Lyrics By TEMS Back then when I was a new youngie Surely you were tryna run on me I’ve been, I been going on my own I’ve been, I […]

TEMS - The Key Lyrics

TEMS – The Key Lyrics

The Key Lyrics By TEMS The beat is ready and I ride it When I come around they excited They all wanna key to the garden So I roll it […]

TEMS - Interference Lyrics

TEMS – Interference Lyrics

Interference Lyrics By TEMS If you thought I was disturbed before Baby boy I’m gon’ disturb you now If you thought I was disturbed before Baby girl I’m gon’ disturb […]