Tenille Townes – Home to Me Lyrics

Home to Me Lyrics – Tenille Townes I am just the pen and paper, you are all the words that come to me I look around and nothing’s there, you

Tenille Townes – The Last Time Lyrics

The Last Time Lyrics – Tenille Townes It’s a long drive every day to school She drops him off at the north doors painted blue He says, “I love you,

Tenille Townes – Villain In Me Lyrics

Villain In Me Lyrics – Tenille Townes Pulls back the arrow Knows exactly where to start The weak spot in the armor Cuts straight to the heart And the clouds

Tenille Townes – Shared Walls Lyrics

Shared Walls Lyrics – Tenille Townes Last night I heard you crying through the floor I never heard you cry like that before I wish I knew what you were

Tenille Townes – Same Road Home Lyrics

Same Road Home Lyrics – Tenille Townes Born-to-runners, lonely lovers Tumbleweeds on a long highway Lost believers, broken dreamers Morning coffee at a Super 8 Asking why, why, why Is