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Category: Terror Jr

Unfortunately, Terror Jr (Album 2019)

01. Maker
02. Losers R Lovers
03. Yamaguchi
04. Terrified
05. Pretty
06. Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me
07. Have You
08. hungoverheadcrack
09. Little Bit
10. Loner
11. Kinda Iconic
12. A-OK (Everything’s Perfect)
13. Favorite Bitch
14. Isolation
15. Happy Place

Terror Jr - Fun Lyrics

Terror Jr – Fun Lyrics

Fun Lyrics – Terror Jr I been sitting by the phone just thinking ’bout you Got the slide and I’m slippin’ on you I’m a star but I’m wishin’ on […]

Terror Jr - Dinner Plate Lyrics

Terror Jr – Dinner Plate Lyrics

Dinner Plate Lyrics – Terror Jr I heard you been fasting right Broke but you got an appetite If I let you stay the night Would you treat me right […]

Terror Jr - Immortality Lyrics

Terror Jr – Immortality Lyrics

Immortality Lyrics – Terror Jr Staring at the sun, looking for some snow Like doing cocaine with nowhere to go These hoes wanna fuck, til’ they really don’t I guess […]