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Category: Two Feet

Two Feet - Think I'm Crazy Lyrics

Two Feet – Think I’m Crazy Lyrics

Think I’m Crazy Lyrics By Two Feet (Hey, you’re really crazy… You know that?) I thought that I was calling up my friends now But Kurt told me that they […]

Two Feet – Grey Lyrics

Grey By Two Feet Before I fall away I feel like I should say I’ve always liked your eyes But now I’ve got to leave It’s okay It’s alright I […]

Two Feet – BBY Lyrics

BBY By Two Feet Tell me what you want what you need from me baby Damn amazing, damn amazing Damn amazing, damn amazing I think I gotta let go Gotta […]

Two Feet – You? Lyrics

You? By Two Feet Lyrics Girl, (girl, girl) Don’t tell me your problems (problems, problems) I don’t want to solve them (solve them, solve them) I don’t really care (I […]

Two Feet – Pink Lyrics

Pink by Two Feet ‘Cause I still think about the old days In the city with my own fate 25 don’t feel the same way The streets keep changing names […]