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Category: Wale

Wale – Daylight Lyrics

Daylight Lyrics by Wale Yo’, summer is approaching I am the Super Eagle that humble these vultures I’m hungry, I’m focused I’m troubled, I’m introverted I’m nothing you know of […]

Wale – Winter Wars Lyrics

Winter Wars Lyrics by Wale [Wale & Nas (sample)] Yes, this s--- is raw, comin’ at your door Black and yellow, [?] Alizé, young Folarin (Su-Summers off) Wha-what? [Wale] Yeah, I want […]

Wale – My Boy Freestyle Lyrics

My Boy Freestyle by Wale Feat. J. Cole Released : 2018 [Wale & J. Cole] Count me in, Cole Right here? Nah, not yet Yeah, bounce, bounce My boy, my boy […]

Wale – Negotiations Lyrics

Negotiations by Wale Released : 2018 Cash Mohammed, Mcgreggor Conor, Folarin Yeah Mind racing negotiating my situation I burned bridges I can’t repair so been fly lately I’ve been peddling […]

Wale – Salary Kaep Lyrics

Salary Kaep by Wale Released : 2018 [Colin Kaepernick:] “I mean, people are dying in vain because this country isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, as far as, […]

Wale – Cassius (Excellency) Lyrics

Cassius (Excellency) by Wale Feat. DJ Money Released : 2018 Incredible Fast! Incredible And you, George Foreman – All of you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him All […]

Wale  – Complicated Lyrics

Complicated by Wale Feat. Dave East Released : 2018 Let’s be honest, shorty I got b------, you got n-----, don’t be modest, shorty Complicated but simple, I don’t know how […]