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Category: YBN Nahmir

YBN Nahmir - Talkin Lyrics

YBN Nahmir – Talkin Lyrics

Talkin By YBN Nahmir Ayy, ayy, ayy Roar Came in this b---- with my young n---- stuntin’ You play with the gang and the Glock gon get busted I went […]

YBN Nahmir – Fuck It Up Lyrics

F--- It Up Lyrics by YBN Nahmir (feat. City Girls & Tyga) She bad but clumsy She want the bag and the money Late nights (Late nights), no talkin’ Pay […]

YBN Nahmir – Opp Stoppa Lyrics

Opp Stoppa Lyrics by YBN Nahmir Ayy, all these pancake a-- n----- Weird a-- n----- man, what all these n----- talkin’ ’bout? Ice cream a-- n----- Ayy I keep a […]

ybn nahmir all in lyrics

YBN Nahmir – All In Lyrics

All In by YBN Nahmir You know a n---- feel loose when they get me off that Henny Swear a tint was a lot ’til a n---- touch 50 Gotta […]

YBN Nahmir – Tweak Lyrics

Tweak Lyrics by YBN Nahmir Pull up to the traphouse I grab a k then bag it up ay Heard he got a pistol oh that’s why he acting tough, […]

YBN Nahmir – Baby 8 Lyrics

There was one hoe, cheated on that b---- then I felt bad (yeah) Two poles tucked up on my waist, where my pants sag (sag) AR’s somewhere in the trap, […]