Code Orange – Forever Lyrics

Forever by Code Orange
Album : Forever
Genres :  Metal , Rock

“When hands are caught in my brother’s pocket, I’ll burn my gods down.”

Within this house of do-it-your-selfishness
The blurred lines we’re taught to walk don’t suit me
Words out of both sides of broken mouths
The only words that stand to rule me
High brass rings and low glass ceilings
Shatter through the expectation
This kingdom thrives on disappointment
Watch your words and stay complacent
The words are cut into their foreheads
There’s nothing you can do to take it
The ink is stained upon your body
The fear, it sinks inside your soul
We walk a path of re-creation
A feeling you will never know
Reparations for the taking
Four VS All

Kings of body, mind, and spirit
Took the crown and now we break it
The freaks will finally have their say
There is nothing you can do to take it

Code Orange is Forever
Code Orange Forever