Cryptic Wisdom – I Ain’t A Saint Lyrics

I Ain’t A Saint Lyrics – Cryptic Wisdom

I got a lot on my mind, let me say it with the chest
Give it a rest, put all the rumors to bed, lately I ain’t been impressed
What you been thinking? What you been drinking? All of that lean got you feeling pressed
Yes, I know I’ve got issues and some might offend you, who would’ve guessed

I ain’t a regular guy, don’t look at me like it when I arrive
I’ve been ahead of my time, I’m young in the face and dead in the eyes
Give me your focus and give me your soul, I’ve given you mine
Now come a bit closer, I feel the emotion, feel every vibe

And I wanna feed, everybody’s gotta bleed, now it’s either you or me
I ain’t gonna let em breathe, nobody safe, nobody free
You wouldn’t believe, what I’ve done when I speed
G in me got me looking like I need to know peace

I need release, give me a reason, give me a lease
On this life, what it means, some of it has been a dream
Some of it has been a nightmare and I feel it more when I sleep
Don’t wake me please, I wanna hurt, I wanna seethe

Yeah – I ain’t a saint
Look at me, look what I’ve done
Look what I’ve done (4x)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I went on tour, thought it’d open up a door
Did it again, did it again and again, even if I can’t afford
What it would do to me when I would come home, energy in me will run low
Looking for a little dopamine, a little serotonin, no luck though

I’ve been through it and I still go through it when I’m feeling real low
Getting money but I feel broke, put it into what I built slow
If I didn’t, I would blow it all, bring in what you’d probably kill for
Doing everything I need to, just so maybe I could feel hope

Goddamn, yeah, look at me go, letting you into my personal life
I don’t know how to communicate, there’s a lot for you to learn when I write
Every time I go and turn to the mic, I ain’t got a single worry in sight
These days, I ain’t doing much and I feel bad so I work in the night

I just really wanna sleep in, every minute like a weekend
Maybe I don’t wanna be here, maybe I don’t wanna pretend
Maybe I just need change, maybe I just need to breathe in
Maybe I just need to reset, need therapy or need Jesus

Yeah – I ain’t a saint
Look at me, look what I’ve done
Look what I’ve done (4x)

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