Cryptic Wisdom

Cryptic Wisdom – Nowadays Lyrics

Nowadays Lyrics – Cryptic Wisdom Nowadays, everybody wanna act strange More concerned with a fashionable brand name I’m too hip-hop, I’m just too rock What do you do when a

Cryptic Wisdom – Full Circle Lyrics

Full Circle Lyrics – Cryptic Wisdom Thank you for loving me, like I was your son Like I was not a burden and more of a fortune You are the

Cryptic Wisdom – I Ain’t A Saint Lyrics

I Ain’t A Saint Lyrics – Cryptic Wisdom I got a lot on my mind, let me say it with the chest Give it a rest, put all the rumors

Cryptic Wisdom – Save My Soul Lyrics

Save My Soul Lyrics By Cryptic Wisdom I was so depressed, I was such a mess, ain’t nobody clean up like me I was in the feels, but I stayed

Cryptic Wisdom – Give Lyrics

Give By Cryptic Wisdom Suddenly I feel like I’ve been missing out It’s hard to understand it but you’re different now [Chorus] Why’d you have to change when you left