Dan + Shay – What Took You So Long Lyrics

What Took You So Long Lyrics by Dan + Shay

Did you spend your July in 2009
Chasing all of your dreams down
A long way from your hometown
Did you fall hard in some spring break bar
On a beach in Daytona
Drunk on love and Corona

What did you do with all your hours and your minutes
Thank God they were bringing you to me cuz
Right when I met you girl my world started spinning
Time slowed down all I could think was

What took you so long
Where you been all my life
What road were you on
That led your heart to mine
Who were you before you were in my arms
Baby, I gotta know
What took you so long
I’m never letting you go

Oh but if it had been up to me then
We’d have met a lot sooner
But God knew what he was doing
Girl I wasn’t ready but I’m ready now
Forever took forever but now I just wanna slow it down

Now every morning that I’m waking up beside you
Sunshine kissing on your skin
I can’t believe that heaven ever let me find you
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

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