Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Identical Deaths Lyrics

Identical Deaths Lyrics – Danger Mouse & Black Thought

I was proven effective by clinical tests
For livin’ many lives, dyin’ identical deaths
I thought why, how could this have ever been if I’m blessed?
Then I had a talk with God, that was interview-esque
He said “Rik as near as the west and far as the east
There’s a warrant for your arrest by the karma police”
The dharma was deep, our daughter was too dark with defeat
But made it here to tell the story by the chalk of my teeth
I’m a survivor, a thriver, a husband, and a father, arise
With every morning they’re starvin’ another saga empire mosque
Fear of God or Balenciaga
Viva to either La RĂ©sistance or La Raza
I met the monster on a rooftop of the plaza
The teleprompter said there’s still an Oscar to conquer
My witch doctor asked me what’s blockin’ my chakra
I told him it was probably caffeine, chronic and vodka
I need a word, but a sponsor that won’t be heard at a concert
I cried so many crocodile tears, my eyes hurt
As I approached the altar, another convert
If you could read my mind, you heed the signs first

Anger, keep out, danger
Keep out, danger