Danger Mouse & Black Thought – The Darkest Part Lyrics

The Darkest Part Lyrics – Danger Mouse & Black Thought

I’m like thelonious, at the underground piano
Testing camo, the grenades, guns and ammo
Death to sambo, send ’em a bouquet and a candle
I came to take back that of the two-fifths of a man, so
From a silhouette standing in the aperture
To a figure-head standing in the path of a killer
Young gorilla just scrambling for Africa
[?] will accept nothing but a massacre
Premonition of intuition is a bitch
Y’all, a message from the heavens, all it [?] to be this
Keep it brief like a elevator pitch
Or delegate a switch ’cause the spirit is a snitch
In America, the rich love to wear it on they wrist
They call it shots, they don’t wear it on they lip
Jingling of the chains, I can still hear it on the ship
One hand loads the clip, fill the rubber on the cliff
Me and my reflection sending one another on a trip
I’m under 21 and [?], now you know what punishment, listen
It ain’t a easy odyssey for you to follow me
We do come-easy-ology with no apology

The deeper the breath, the louder the scream
A coward between the two monsters out of my dream
A Cadillac, a limousine, an anti-nigga machine
And if I wake up alive, I bet they woke up clean
Umpteen times, the warning signs went unseen
To me, they done something, they tried to clip my wings
But not before I understood how any caged bird sings
The soul was something before we became earthlings
Freedom is better than heroin, morphine or methadone
They force-feed their fears into our flesh and bone
Inside of my confessional, I decompress alone
I’m more skeptical to following the metronome
I guess technically I’m on another echelon
It just gets to me to where they lay the pressure on
It ain’t a easy odyssey for you to follow me
We do come-easy-ology with no apology

Right, right, right
Start the wave, God
Talk your talk, nigga, let’s go, nigga
And that shit go
Boy grown, hands like Roy Jones
King Tut bracelet on, encrusted, flooded in stones, bro
Hardest and the sharpest
Merge like three-bedroom apartments
Pick one room, they all movin’
Let me start this, my heart reach out to kids
The arsonists and ostrich
The moon is the park, we been partners, shit
Say no other, we the jungle brothers
Out in Kenya, how we did in December, loading in cartridges
The lines is like Nas, D.A. we ain’t babies
Word to mama, poor llamas, paper we seein’ crazy
Louis Ritchie the drummer
Thoughts from the black boy, boy mama call ya
See the numbers, they matchin’ and relaxin’
Chump jewelry and 2027 Hummers, new song
I seen the stunners getting busy on the bridge
Headed out, clean, yo dope dealer
Stop wasting time, take some shine