DJ Esco – Married to the Game Lyrics

Married to the Game lyrics

[Intro: DJ Esco]
DJ Esco
Esco Terrestrial

[Verse: Future]
More money, more problems
More guns, more violence
I beat a couple cases, I feel like John Gotti
Hop out a Benz baby, I feel like thug life
I feel like taking some drink right now and pouring it up with my niggas
We ain’t never turned down, I’m a Big Dipper
Big tipper
You wanted your bag?, you get it
Cash on deliver, Rosé on my liver
Headshots, head shots for my enemies
She got a money machine clicking
You know how I kick it, hey
Even the witness gon’ send you the penitentiary
The way he get it, she get it, they get it too
Lay on ya, spray on ya, hop in the Coupe
You didn’t know about Molly world ’til I introduced you
You can be sober as fuck, this money is gon’ seduce you
My hustle is gonna seduce you
My vibe, ain’t none of these niggas comparing to me
No none of these niggas compare to me
Most of these niggas are fans of me
I really appreciate it
I really, I really, I really, I really I do
Majority of these bitches ain’t loyal to y’all, done been ran through
I stay at it, get at it, work on it, count up and count up and count up
Payback, the Maybach, I sit back and lay back and flip through the channels
I flip through the channels, I’m watching the streets and I know I ain’t Desiigner
I’m seeing the animosity, the riots is on CNN
I got some homies that just got out, some ones that just went in

[Outro: Future]
The deeper the ocean, the deeper the pain
Blow out their brains, switch through lanes
Ain’t gotta call out no names
They know I’m married to the game

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