Earl Sweatshirt – God Laughs Lyrics

God Laughs Lyrics – Earl Sweatshirt

The same dust can’t stay
I gotta clean or I can’t think
Resort to cantankerous means on the cash play rat races
The cheese sit in the trap, waitin’
Snap, then we break
Somethin’ reachin’ for me from the waist
These days I’m mindful of what I embrace
Operating on a empty tank, spank me
Fumes fueling a flame
My grandfather spoke thirteen languages
Somehow never had nothing to say to Boot Raymond
Sensed hazel, made sense of it through prayer
Booze is a fool’s fragrance
[?] saved us
[?] brain getting chipped away at, daily
His body on a road where his mind flailed and funeral whaled us
No beluga, no Bob, just mood swangin’, true pain
I couldn’t eat or sleep for seven days
Maimed me, I ain’t weak
Keep changing for the better, what to do when your job thankless
In the middle of the marsh where mosquitoes chomp ankles, swamp
Marching on on the quest for my lost halo, God