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Category: Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt – TISKTISK/COOKIES Lyrics

TISKTISK/COOKIES By Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Shit Fuck, nigga Promise I’ll never forget And I promise I knew what it is When I knew you, you wasn’t a snitch, snitch Tisk-tisk, nigga Shit Fuck, […]

Earl Sweatshirt – EL TORO COMBO MEAL Lyrics

EL TORO COMBO MEAL By Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Tryna, tryna Tryna Man, lost my dog in staircase Took the highest spot on the podium Ghost niggas prolly smokin’ to the thought of knowin’ […]

Earl Sweatshirt – OD Lyrics

OD By Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Give it up, we… Somebody tooted in the student commence? The bell rang, he went home to argued in the comments I watched the doppler move, I watched a […]

Earl Sweatshirt – MTOMB Lyrics

MTOMB By Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics So, so we, so we did it? Yeah, yeah Pray for the people I make up the easel first, then paint what I see through The maze, I’m […]

Earl Sweatshirt – EAST Lyrics

EAST By Earl Sweatshirt Lyrics Double back when you got it made 30 racks of weed, no fat in the collard greens Off top was me - no cap, I don’t bottle things Flashin’ […]