Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist – Mancala Lyrics

Mancala Lyrics by Earl Sweatshirt & The Alchemist

I recollect all the pain I had to author, fresh
Wading out in the waves, foot on a colonizer neck like a collar, curtailed
I’m tryna follow the trail
Cut off the coattails they hangin’ on to, I plo—
I plot on how to prevail and drop gems like Mancala
When I’m put on the spot I don’t bail
My mama always be there
Taught me to dig
Found the flaws of my father [?], lost him, appeal
I know it’s long and uphill, I started joggin’ on ’em
No Santiago, I was already wind
And water
Different novel, thicker lines of defense
The follow-through was all in the wrist
We took it farther
I caught him stallin’ again, I’m feelin’ froggy, we might
Just have to hop him in and hop in the whip
I figured I’d be remiss to try and go at least without a blick ’round me
Speak to Vince ’bout it

How many lives you take? How much time you facin’?
How many times you draw your gun, sometimes my mind draw blanks
How many nights you pray? Still tryna find my faith
Hostile gospel, then pen’ll cost you, you try to talk through
Interrogation, no registration, the license sliding
Feel the vibration, got somethin’ to shake the pavement
Got a SKS for 500 dollars, they pulled up on us and got laid to rest
Go ask my momma, you think I’m bluffin’
Had ’em throwin’ shells in the ocean, ceremonial blessings
When I shacked up with the streets, all my people was at the weddin’
They was dreadin’ I’d be locked up, rude boy, rasta, blood clot like Chris Bosh
Cuh said it can’t shoot no mo’, I guess his wrist locked
I think he just scared, it’s cool, let’s switch cars
10 on the dash, y’all crippin’ with cash
[?] , we on your ass like feces
My flag the same color
See me in traffic, throw on yo’ hazards

He’s been good
Mmm, been [?] for me (He’s been good)
He’s been good
And food on my table (He’s been good)
He’s been good (Ooh, Lord)
Ooh, he’s been company when I get lonely (He’s been good)
Been a sister, been a brother, yeah (He’s been good)
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
The Lord been good to me (Oh, Lord)
Woke me up this morning (He’s been good)
[?] My right mind (He’s been good)
Yeah, He’s been good (He’s been good)
He’s been good
(Ooh, oooh)

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