Fireland – Believe or Die Lyrics

Believe or Die Lyrics by Fireland

Calling gives me this direction
Throughout the journey called life
All the trials and tribulations
Continuous battle and they are right
Massive sense of importance
Developed when they were young
Dogmatic in view, from you I withdrew
The lies you spread are so untrue

Cracking away at your surface
Getting inside the mind’s eye
Understanding the failure
I will sing you a lullaby
Always trying to lure me
Back into the mundane
You never had it, you never will
This God complex is a terrible thrill

Believe or die
Arrogant, self-centered one
Believe or die
Presume that you are chosen
Believe or die
Placing oneself front of the stage
Believe or die
Let me turn your worthless page

Saddens me to no end
To see you turn out this way
You recognize yourself superior
You feel all others should obey
Little do you now know
Community was there to help
Apology due, our connection is through
Grasp at straws, we won’t rescue