Fireland – Burning Scarecrow Lyrics

Burning Scarecrow Lyrics by Fireland

The darkness scares you, I keep you safe at night
When you sleep I’ll stay and fight
Strawman came
Your peace has returned, my promise has been fulfilled
So it’s newborn blood that has to be spilled
I’m in league with the devil

Burning Scarecrow
Withstand against the night
Burning Scarecrow
Watch the demons scurry from the light
Burning Scarecrow
Safeguard until the dark fades
Burning Scarecrow
Is the bounty worth the life it saves?

Innocent child, hold you oh so near
Do we choose what’s right and do we live in fear
Strawman came
Given no choice, the many outweigh the few
How did we get caught in this taboo
God save us from this curse