Fireland – Fallen II Lyrics

Fallen II Lyrics by Fireland

I’m trying to paint a picture
Recall what love is to me
Slowly become numb
No tears, hysterics are gone
Now the fury at the spawn
And then they came…

And then Hell came…

I overdosed, revenge a quest
Family puts my flesh to rest
They understand, cherish my Mara
Won’t lose her life to some Dracula

Hunt in the abode of the dead
Tolerance is rising
Lurk in the shadows
‘Til I meet my journey’s end

I’ve fallen
Casualty of passion
Now I’m crawling
Through a lake of fire
And I’m a warrior
Fighting for a last breath
Mara, it’s a miracle for you
The gift of life

Encounter the gates unexpectedly
No faces of pain and agony
March on my way, it becomes real
Evil demons is what I start to feel

Fight in the abode of the dead
Violence is rising
Bleed from my rotting flesh
But it’s my soul’s condemned

I’m losing this battle
Held fast to this war in this Hell
Drag him through the fire
Burn so bones remain
Take him to the father of the flame

Inferior mortal, you come seeking to destroy my daughter
Satan does not spawn, you fool
I am like an angel in Heaven, only here in Hell

Chains surround and pull me to the floor
Demons sing, tortured for evermore
Feel like dying, that’s impossible
Misled with an ancient ritual

Blinded by hurt and destroyed by pain
Axes swing, just miss, cut through the skin

Lost souls burn in Hellfire, shall be slain
Wicked die and are destroyed again
Tormented in this, the afterlife
Eyes look down and then I grab the knife

It’s time to rise out of this trench
Battle this world of evil
I will not live forever in misery
I need to find a way out
I need to crack the sky

I’m losing fast, beasts overwhelm
Praying for help in this dark realm
Ground starts to shake, there’s some disturbance
Then a bright light, Holy brilliance

Saved from the abode of the dead
Distress is subsiding
Black, I am visionless
But through him I shall see