Fireland – Hate Will Live On Lyrics

Hate Will Live On Lyrics by Fireland

In the November lightning I was born
Given life upon the storm
Author of this being has fled
My glowing eyes turn a dark red
Why did you leave me all alone
Stumbling, I wander through the unknown
Baptised in fire and sibling to the flame
The mirror cracks, it shows my shame

Hate will live on

Chemistry and alchemy
Combined in a laboratory
Tortured by an emotional cage
Punish my creator, feel the rage
No, no, no, monster am I

Attempting to fit in to harsh society
Shunned by all, they react violently
Escape through the forest, the beast is on the lam
Sticks and the pitchforks, fire in their hand
Why don’t you all leave me in peace
So confused, I need the anger to decrease
Fist gets tighter, the blood it starts to boil
Demented being starts to uncoil

Relentlessly searching, meander in the cold
I’m going to find you, my wrath you shall behold
Murder your brother, you need to replicate
That Godless experiment and bear me a mate
Why did you slay her, that beautiful life
She is the one who would be my wife
Sorrow and anger, Doctor becomes the prey
Tragedy will strike on your wedding day