Fireland – Ironclad Lyrics

Ironclad Lyrics by Fireland

Through the ice and snow I ride
My broadsword on my side
When the freezing wind is strong
Pray for strength to carry on
The race is run, my book is read
All left behind or left for dead
Today’s the day, it’s a good day to die

Ironclad – drifting aimlessly
Ironclad – lonely mercenary
Ironclad – pray we never meet

The gods guide me through the night
Give me power for the fight
The blood of enemies lies deep
Their vanquished souls are mine to keep
Do or die, and who dares wins
Might be punished for my sins
Today’s the day, I’m not going to die

I glance deep through my inner spirit
Forget that life is just not infinite
Is this my purpose?
Why am I here?