Fireland – My Enemy’s Enemy Lyrics

My Enemy’s Enemy Lyrics by Fireland

Court will ignore your crimes, while you’re a friend of mine
Church will forgive your sin, while you help us win
While I still need allies, my help I won’t deny
We shall all advocate, until you reach a bloody fate
I’ll see no misery, ignore atrocity
My interests do not lie in petty genocides
So when the battle’s done and victory is won
As long as they are overcome, I care not what you have done

Be a good friend unto me
Oh you, my enemy’s enemy
Prepare yourself to meet the almighty
A brother’s hand I offer thee
Oh you, my enemy’s enemy
I’ll sit back unleasing Hell’s fury

There are no sleepless nights because I know I’m right
Our economic goals, paid for with their souls
So should there come a day when you become the prey
Your past loyalty will prove to be quite deadly
My gross hypocrisy, democratic tyranny
Your sordid little lives are no concern of mine
A perfect way of life, my by God given right
And you will all bend to his will ’cause I am not afraid to kill

And though I seem Hell-bent on this, my moral suicide
The rights and wrongs within are really no concern of mine
I can always afford the price you have to pay