Hippo Campus – Monsoon Lyrics

Monsoon Lyrics By Hippo Campus

Just two days after the first of June
A pine with arms brushing off the dew
Unlike a sky copious with death
Precipitation of heart and head
Should wash the rest of her youth away
And carry on with it as she may
But something’s pending curvaceously
‘Cuz sunburned skin won’t agree with me

It should’ve been me [X4]

The pleasure’s good as the pleasure’s sound
My chin held shut so my heart can talk louder
I was a mess just like the pool
Our days spent crossed out of Sunday school
July has always been shy of June
Some monsoon, monsoon, monsoon
Come heavy of a golden hue
My monsoon monsoon, monsoon
Monsoon [X8]

It should’ve been me [X8]