Ho99o9 – Dekay Lyrics

Dekay by Ho99o9
Feat. Gnar
Prod by by Ultragash
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative Rock
Label : Toys Have Powers / 999 Deathkult

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○ Ho99o9 – United States of Horror (Album 2017)
01. “U.S.H.” (prod. by tizhimself)
02. “War Is Hell” (prod. by David Andrew Sitek)
03. “Street Power” (prod by Ian Longwell)
04. “Face Tatt” (prod. by David Andrew Sitek)
05. “When Death Calls” (Interlude) ft. Danke (prod by Paul Giese)
06. “Bleed War” (prod by Yeti, Tizhimsel, Killer.B)
07. “Moneymachine” (produced by Soraya Lapread)
08. “Splash”
09. “Knuckle Up” (produced by Ian Longwell, Mark Solomich)
10. “Dekay” Feat. Gnar (produced by Ultragash)
11. “Sub-Zer0” (produced by Cameron Bartollini)
12. “Feels Like…” (Interlude) (produced by Brain Orchestra)
13. “City Rejects” (produced by David Andrew Sitek)
14. “Hydrolics” (produced by Yeti, Tizhimself)
15. “New Jersey Devil” (produced by Cameron Bartollini)
16. “United States of Horror” (produced by David Andrew Sitek)
17. “Blaqq Hole” (produced by Eric Hoegemeyer)