Julie Byrne – Morning Dove Lyrics

Morning Dove by Julie Byrne
Album : Not Even Happiness
Genre : Alternative Folk, Rock
Released : 2017

Sing a call to a morning dove
Over the prairie, through the hills
I hear it still in the singing of the bread
From your lips which splashed my dull house
With music

I went out walking in the wood
By a river which never sleeps
All I bare, all I sieve
I thought of you so presently

I dreamt of the warmest days of love
Which knew not sorrow nor betrayal
When truth was will in the singing of the gale
But when I lay in a verdant field
None could stay my rising

I went out walking in the wood
And the light casts long from the moon
And life is short as a breath half-taken
I could not wait to tell you the truth

I have been waiting on you