Kodak Black – Gunsmoke Town Lyrics

Gunsmoke Town Lyrics – Kodak Black

Put my life on the line the seventh time for you niggas
And these the same niggas, I catch ’em out here, I’ma kill ’em
It’s fucked up out here, at first they cross and then play victim
Your big homies ain’t right, lil’ Wop lost his life to the system
I fucked off, I lost three million tryna satisfy these bitches
I’ve been on this KTB business, gotta maximize these riches
Put the hood on my back just for the projects to evict me
I made it with this rap and the same devil tried to trick me
Only right I’m movin’ swiftly
I’m shiftin’ through the city, tryna duck fake love
One day I’ll have everything I envisioned of
I was in the field, slingin’ that steel for real, now I get it done
Blood, sweat, and tears behind the scene that y’all ain’t get to see
It’s still some unfinished business I ain’t get to complete
She say if I wasn’t rich, then she wouldn’t have to compete
If I wasn’t famous ’cause it’s different bitches on the daily
I ran my money up and got her fightin’ for my love
I know she missin’ me ’cause I’m missin’ her
I’m sittin’ like, “How the fuck in one day I ate sixty Percs?”
I’m sittin’ here tryna figure out how to get this shit to work
Got a Trackhawk engine on the stick, I put it in reverse, then I slide
Comin’ with my youngins, me and them jiggers gon’ run up in your house
Two sticks in the handgun and it’s rented, ain’t for Enterprise
Jump out, get to hittin’, we handle business on my fuckin’ side
License plate flippin’ on that mission every time we ride
Everybody remember me in the projects, from back in the day
Fourteen the first time a shot a nigga, 14-7 LA
Fifteen, I was runnin’ in them stores, give me everything
Chew down on my big homie like, “Make sure I get fuckin’ paid”
Fuck you mean you gettin’ more? That ain’t how this finna go
You wasn’t with us in the store, you wasn’t hidin’ in the mo’
Switch the whip, I switched the flow again, you ain’t even know
I ain’t playin’, I’m comin’ to get my man, I’m gettin’ your man’s ho
We get the low, nigga, we ain’t playin’ with it, put cameras on your shit
We backed in at your crib, you ain’t even know it’s trackers on your whip
Fuck nigga, you dust
It’s gon’ be the second house on the left, soon we get there, lil’ one blow it up
So when we get up, we gon’ blow that bitch down
Talked to Soda on collect, he know to hold that shit down
From Pompano, yeah, that’s my motherfuckin’ round
Yeah, he roam where I roam, through that gunsmoke town
Yeah, he roam where I roam, through that gunsmoke town, you heard me?

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