Kota the Friend – Bitter Lyrics

Bitter Lyrics – Kota the Friend

My ex girl bitter, went on twitter
Saying that she was abused
Its time to tell you the truth
And the truth is that she was at my crib
On the same day that she went on a rampage
Telling me that she just wanted us to be a family
I told her that we toxic, its bout time that we stop it
Both of us unhappy and neither one of us trust the other
And if you pregnant I’ll be a father, you’ll be a mother
But I ain’t finna sacrifice my sanity, for the sake of our family
Stressing trying to make it ideal. Already tried that
If you gon give me 50%, this where it dies at
She screaming at me, I was at the corner of my bed
Hoping that she wouldn’t hit me
Cause she making some threats
I got post traumatic stress from women attacking me
Cause I tend to hurt they feelings
I was happy when she left
But she won’t admit to you that she physically battered you
And that shit gotta change
Women beating men and men taking the blame
Fake ass victims the shit is really a shame
I got text proof of her sayin she the aggressor
She really playing a game
Asked me for sex, next day she on twitter
Saying all types of wild shit. Told u it was toxic
And playing on the trauma of people, to spread the gossip
Knowing its a trigger for many, my nigga stop it
By the way I got a email from her accomplice
Begging me for money. I got it screenshotted
Say that she need me and she ruined her life because she chose me and
I told her that she wasn’t my type
And then another girl hit me and she kept it a bean
Telling me this girl was lying bout a couple of things
And she exaggerating stories, so I’m making clear
I absolutely want nothing to do with them over there
She was messaging my ex’s. Tryna recruit
My ex’s sent me screenshots, like what these hoes tryna do?
Then I learned she was recording conversations for months
Telling stories tryna get me fucked up
When we was in a whole relationship, dates and vacationing
Had her round my mom, my grandma and my son
And its sad
Had me fucked up for a minute
Shit different… When u fucking demonic women
With fucked up intentions
You tryna be with her and she on a whole different mission
Shit is sickening