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Album: Lyrics To GO Vol. 3 (2022)

Kota the Friend – Scapegoat Lyrics

Scapegoat Lyrics – Kota the Friend You buried me thinkin I wouldnt pop up 3 days 3 nights later bitch I am Lazarus. Water me with the drama I shoulder

Kota the Friend – Twenty-Nine Lyrics

Twenty-Nine Lyrics – Kota the Friend 21, I’m smoking drinking and chopping songs 22, I’m grindin I ain’t got shit to lose 23, my jordan year and I’m broke as

Kota the Friend – Bitter Lyrics

Bitter Lyrics – Kota the Friend My ex girl bitter, went on twitter Saying that she was abused Its time to tell you the truth And the truth is that

Kota the Friend – Prodigal Son Lyrics

Prodigal Son Lyrics – Kota the Friend Making peace with all that I decide Even if it lead to my demise I took the heat about a thousand times Dropped

Kota the Friend – Breathe Lyrics

Breathe Lyrics – Kota the Friend Stay alert kid Say that in the mirror every day Wipe the smudges off the surface And tell him that he perfect With all

Kota the Friend – For Troubled Boys Lyrics

For Troubled Boys Lyrics – Kota the Friend We just tryna be happy I’m a rubix cube to every woman that had me I dealt with women who feel they

Kota the Friend – Shame Lyrics

Shame Lyrics – Kota the Friend Every day is like another dream Lately I been feelin like circle gettin sucka free I don’t got no toxic woman layin in my

Kota the Friend – BOY Lyrics

BOY Lyrics – Kota the Friend I’m a California resident Had to check the mirror Like… why the fuck I’m settling What’s the money for if I ain’t living my

Kota the Friend – Cherry Beach Lyrics

Cherry Beach Lyrics – Kota the Friend Cherry beach flow I hear all your fake applause You can keep those I been watering my lawn We at peak growth Drip

KOTA The Friend – Dear Fear Lyrics

Dear Fear Lyrics – KOTA The Friend Toxic papi Turned profit probably Couldn’t find me I been with my sheikah out in Abu Dabi Heard you saw my ex girl