Kota the Friend – Cherry Beach Lyrics

Cherry Beach Lyrics – Kota the Friend

Cherry beach flow
I hear all your fake applause
You can keep those
I been watering my lawn
We at peak growth
Drip system operating. That’s a cheat code
I be smilling when they tell me I’m they hero
They see I’m human, admiration go to zero
All these years I been battling my ego and my feelings. Now I’m noticing I need those
He be hating but she keep me on repeat though
Green faces, cause I’m rappin over beats slow
Green faces, but the journey wasn’t cheap though
Keep hating if that’s really what you need though
Show you love if I see u in the streets bro
Rob the industry and split it with my negros
50 injuries and give em 50 D rose
Get a million still I’m livin by my G code