Kota the Friend – For Troubled Boys Lyrics

For Troubled Boys Lyrics – Kota the Friend

We just tryna be happy
I’m a rubix cube to every woman that had me
I dealt with women who feel they got the right to attack me
Its like she always fail to say how it happened exactly
Cus I’m gentle in my nature they taking advantage
Women tryna beat my ass cus I took em for granted
6 years you seen me painting this picture
Its almost finished and its time that I give u the canvas. Its here
You was born outa trauma
And you was put in the lions den, with no weapon or armour
Your coping mechanisms helped, now they making it darker
And u was handing out revenge, wasn’t thinkin about karma
U moving farther from God kid
Don’t u let the devils rage enter your heart kid
Leave the game with the same spirit u start with
If u already changed and your heart is hard
Similar to mine
Then its time for u to start the job
You keep placing the blame
Then u wonder why the outcome is always the same
Just be gentle with yourself while u process the pain
Asking questions like damn. How complex is the brain
And bro, the answer is very
And if you prone to depression I know that burden is heavy
When you 7 and chronically sad
Every day tryna be glad
People do you wrong, now you got a collection of grudges all in yo bag
You don’t trust nobody
You got beef with your mom and your dad
All your brother do is shit on you, like nobody gon want yo ass
You always looking for home
You always looking for love
Nobody to meet your needs
I’m fittin to set you free
People are gifted at casting spells
But all that really matter how u feel about yourself
And bitter mother fuckas love draggin ppl to hell
The reason I put my heart on the table like show and tell
And other people feelings got nothin to do with you
And nothin that they say should affect your personal truth
Imagine a mere man whos goal is to stop the sun from shining. Homie I promise
They can’t do nothing to you
Unless u let em
Lately I’m feeling my feelings fully
And rising to all my challenges fearlessly facing bullies
I’m happy in my routine, I used to be overwhelmed
Until I started putting the work in to love myself
Every day I wake up and run, shower, face mask, read. Journal, sit down breath
Then I scoop my son. He tell me play my song
I let depression make me feel like fatherhood was a chore
Boy was I wrong
I am blessed. Now I say that with my chest
I am grateful for my breath
I am present in my flesh
There’s enough of me to go around
I got so much to give because I give so much to me and that’s the shit that make me free
Apples fallin from my tree. I am abundant
Hummingbirds in my backyard
Butterflies in my
Livin is really somethin
Kickin it on my hammock
Serenaded by Chimes
I set up my environment
Strictly to help my mind
And that’s self love
Passin that generational wealth up, down and then side to side
Everything is by design
Look in the mirror and see the key
Just put it in the door to your cage. And set you free. Love!