Kota the Friend – Prodigal Son Lyrics

Prodigal Son Lyrics – Kota the Friend

Making peace with all that I decide
Even if it lead to my demise
I took the heat about a thousand times
Dropped from the sky
They amazed how I mountain climb
But lately I ain’t falling much
Lessons learned and the blessings earned
I never market but the message heard
If you need it I don’t give a fuck who said it first
We Saving lives nigga
Sad nights. Had me feelin like my time tickin
Out west, feelin lonely with the time difference
When you solid at your lowest then the highs different
When you growing its ok to see your mind switching
All the shit you used to love do not hit the same
Now I’m goin with the grain
Hit up the dispensary, I’m lookin for a different strain
Breaking out the cycle
I no longer wanna live in pain
Making peace with what you think of me
Whatever narrative they tryna push
You hate me but you never met me
I don’t get it kid
Lost a couple friends to the rhetoric
Prodigal son, I always let em in
Everybody tryna be better kid
Love and community that’s the medicine
Making sure I’m givin it just as much as I benefit

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