Kota the Friend – Scapegoat Lyrics

Scapegoat Lyrics – Kota the Friend

You buried me thinkin I wouldnt pop up 3 days
3 nights later bitch I am Lazarus. Water me with the drama
I shoulder all of yo trauma
That got absolutely nothing to do with me
It’s an honor
I know some people wanna put 2 in me
That ain’t new to me
Envy in they eyes
I’m only doin whats true to me
My flow is froze, you ain’t gettin close with 32 degrees of separation
You don’t even know my type of dedication
Rock bottom where u find gems hidden in revelations
Lookin up at jah, you couldn’t bless me with a better basement
I know how to generate passive dollars for generations
Better than scholars, and never resort to degradation
I got these scars from war, these ain’t for decoration
Thick skin, moving with love
Peace is my destination
Made it with the people around me saying you’ll never make it.
Now they get the point
I don’t need to hear the exclamation
I forgive a hater, I tell em to save the explanations
I enjoy the ironic vanity in your demonstrations
I been off the grid with my family
Seeing shit that you could probly see
If you wasn’t fixated on me
I’m on the record, really having these conversations for free
Givin you my hard-earned lessons, knowledge and grief
Making noise, something like an automatic weapon
I’m sprayin from my chest till the chopper coming for me
They dream of rapping like me and I run the track in my sleep

No exaggeration, I wrote this shit in my
Wake up when I wanna
Fly to Paris when I wanna
I don’t really got a ceiling
The definition of free
And freedom come with bravery
Word to Harriet Tubman
And freedom like my coffee
I need it daily to function
And bravery is simply a vital function for love
October baby comin
It’s time to bring out the pumpkins
I made all of my dreams come true
So now it’s time to pay it forward
It’s a feast come through
I waded through the muddy waters and
Pulled myself out the quicksand
To get the shit I got. My people need some too
I put the work In on my mind
I had to see somethin new
I share my journey with my ppl
Here, read somethin cool
It make me happy when I hear that it’s helping you and your growth
Cus I know that feelin well
And you should feel that too
And I been calling for these sunny days
Good kid, solid woman, houses, and my money straight
I know my dad love me, he just show me in a funny way
Even when it’s raining, I treat it like it’s my lucky day
I don’t give a fuck what u think of me
And my funny face
That’s another level of freedom
Thank you humiliation
The devil never let u go without a battle
And battle is what u need
To make it to where it’s royal and green
Take in the scene. It’s a dream