Lil Durk – True Lyrics

Lil Durk – True Lyrics
Lit, no cig
Clean Sprite mixed with no lean

We smoke straight dope, ain’t no seeds in it
Clean Sprite, put some lean in it
Rockstars, got some G’s in it
Real killas, they don’t leave witness
Tax season, boy, your car rented
Bi**h you boosting, you got no business
Call my shooters, they got no limits
I’m just rocking in my True Religions

(Verse 1)
Got a Glock with a beam
Bada boom, bada bing
Ops not on a thing
Let’s get it!
We need some real big rings
Netflix and chill let’s watch some Narcos
And my cup the color Harpo
Got fifty in these cargos
Used to sit and watch my car doors
Valet ask me how to park those
I’m scanning nias like a barcode
Fake designer, that’s a no-no
We rocking rollies f
k a Jo-Jo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Money got me Bowflexing
Balmain, no Paris
Puy bout to get the message
Before I have my youngins stressing
I told em I’ma turn up on em
Killed his ass, we run up on em
We hawk em down, we run up on em
His tweets said he keep em on him
I’m just cooling as a rapper
My ni
as know that I be trapping
To the streets I’m so adapted
F**k the state, they took my Rapid

(Repeat Chorus)

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