Luca Schreiner – Time Is Up feat. Mick Fousé Lyrics

Time Is Up Lyrics by Luca Schreiner feat. Mick Fousé

I always tell the truth
so I must say to you
the time is up

i can’t keep it on my mind
too long we’re playing blind
the time is up

that’s everything i know
we need to let it go
we can’t go back

it’s not that i don’t care
but there’s nothing left to share
we just gave up

We flew high
and we fell low
i thought i’d never never never gonna let you go

but it’s alright
i feel okay
it’s just a very very very simple thing to say

Time is up
love is slipping slipping
the clock stopped ticking

fill your cup
life is ripping ripping
and we went tripping

Time is up
The dice is cast
only the dust will last
So we all know the time is up
but we are never ever gonna stop
true love

we go our separate waysa never ending space
where the hands are cracked
yeah hide your memories now

your clockwork is shutting down
can’t turn it back
a countdown through the years

your voice ringing in my ears
alarm goes off
come on let’s hit the button babe

kinda like the sound of change
can you make it stop?

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