Omb Peezy – Mind Of Overkill Lyrics

Mind Of Overkill  by Omb Peezy
Released : 2018

smoke a blunt get in your zone nigga
Thuggn all night,cuz you don’t wanna go home nigga
Struggling got your family stressing
Hard to get alone with em’
I just wanna talk up , please pick up the phone nigga
State-to-state grinding say they called me about another pistol
I need some protection why the system trying to fuck a nigga
I am with the DA they want me to become another victim
Just because I’m black and cuz my age, you say imma killa
***On my pants I done seen badder drugs since I was little
If I’m wrong for being me you should have left me at the hospital
streets cold , jail cell cold
You know they out to get us
Look at us like monkeys, you want to dump me cuz I’m out the middle
Traphouse smokers everywhere I’m in love with the dope
Ain’t no Pride I don’t know where Imma go
Straight to the block , slanging those rocks ready to kick in your throat
If it wasn’t for this mike I’ll be in jail playing dominoes
Time go slow , so many tears I can’t cry no more
I’m feeling old , these niggas don’t know what they riding for
Before I blow I’ll make sure you know what you dieing for
And as for these hoes , you think you slick but I’mma slide on
I’m finna go,back to the basics
All my steps are retracing

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