Pierce feat. Eddie Wellz – Made Lyrics

Made Lyrics by Pierce feat. Eddie Wellz

Plotting on the game like a mastermind/
Really only practice half the time/ suckas be looking so asinine like they practice hating tryna pass the time/
Still be great when I pass my prime/
Pass the blunt if it’s packed with pine/
Pack a punch when I hit the grind but I move in silence just like a mime/
See em sour and I can’t relate/
Hella fake when they congratulate/
Right here I’ll set the record straight its fuck em all and that’s no debate/
None of their shit really resonate/
No matter I’m focused on what I make/
Fabulous flow while they fabricate/
Calculate and then I calibrate!/
Hook: and I see how some of y’all been acting lately, don’t hate me cus I’m getting paid.. I know y’all talking shit and think I’m crazy, but I think that I got it made. Baby I just got it made. that customs fit baby I just got it made. Brand new whip baby I just got it made, it’s ok it’s ok baby I just got it made…

Verse 2 :
Power level bout to elevate, concentrate/
Tryna be my best my teacher say ándale/
I can do it all the double entendres, stories with drama, switch up the genre/
Bitches be loving me I have the karma/
Leave em all with something dreamy to ponder/
Planting the seeds of the mind I’m a farmer/
Interstellar cus I’m taking it farther/
And I don’t think that you’re up to par.. Mental slower than the movement of tar/
Talkin yo shit but ain’t ready for this/
get a kick to the lip tryna mess with my bliss/
Not picking drinks but I lived in a bar/
Fucking the world and I play with the stars/
Life is sweeter than some lemonade/
Look around I think I got it made!/

Thanks To Eddie Wellz And Hiulery Cynthia For Sending These Lyrics To Us 

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