Project Pat – Be A G Lyrics

Project Pat
Yo boy Juicy J
You’ll never be a G, You’ll never be a G

I done sold them grams
Rob niggas for cash
I done bust that thompa on plenty niggas ass
Broke down plenty bills
So much clientele
Went to jail would never tell but some of you niggas will
Cause you’ll never ever ever ever ever be a G
Cause you’ll never ever ever ever ever be a G
Cause you’ll never ever ever ever ever be a G

When I was young, had that chopper cocking
Project Pat was robbin’
Like the grinch bitch, taking shit
Filling up my socket
Cap, on my skull
Nigga, better wipe off that mug
Nigga like Pat don’t give no fuck
Hustlin’ that thompa screaming Thug Life
Like 2Pac
Went to jail and never ratted
Held it down for all my dogs
Hustlers prayer on my arm tatted
Pussy nigga real acrobatic
Flipping on your homie
I’m the state you the felony
I’m fifty carats you the phony
Hit a lick
Made for fifty yams, took it off your ass
This the street, who you trustin’ foo
Put that in the stash
Rob my way, pull a move like that
No coming back
Just these chains
Fifty rocks for fifty shots
In yo ass

[Hook: Project Pat]

Let me borrow yo bitch, just for tonight
I’ll get her so fucking high, you think she just caught a flight
She ride my dick like a bike, I tell her suck it don’t bite
And you still cuffin’ da ho, like you Miami Vice
Juicy J don’t love these bitches, I just make love to these bitches
And send them back to that same nigga, that hug them and kiss them
I go to sleep with my money, I cuddle all up on my dough
I wake up to that paper and then I go get some mo’
Fuck nigga what you talkin’ bout we don’t talk it out
We yellow tape and white chalk it out
Live everyday like a home run, what I’m trying to say is we ball out
Yo bedroom and yo living room be right inside my doghouse
I’m searching hard for a fuck to give but I’m sorry, looks like I’m all out

[Hook: Project Pat]