Redspencer – Ride It Out Lyrics

Ride It Out Lyrics by Redspencer

Maybe it’s okay
if you dont know the way
maybe its okay
if you dont care
if its not too late
we can celebrate
for you are lost in space
havent found your place
you are from this far
dont know who you are
maybe its okay
to hesitate
maybe something good could come along
but there will come a day
when you feel so strange
so you check your brain
but its gone insane
so you call my name
but my numbers changed
when im old and gray
ill know what to say
maybe its okay if you lost some time
but you dont
know where you dont know why
i know its a shame
that you lost a friend
you will meet again
right around the bed
with some time to spend
youll be happy then
you will be informed
in another form

ride ride ride it out