Russ – Enough Lyrics

Enough Lyrics – Russ

I wasn’t right within, was lyin’ tryna find a slim openin’
To cope with grim realities of hopelessness
The casualties of broken men, unhappily devoted when
They hit me, all the walls were tryna kiss me, they were closin’ in
I’m soakin’ in a tub of how the fuck did this all happen?
Can I fasten my seatbelt before the tree and me are wrapped in
A blanket I can’t escape? But the brakes that I have ain’t brakin’
And the weight that I feel is achin’, they say we don’t feel the same shit
The pain isn’t real, I’m famous, the cage that I’m in is dangerous
I’m chained, the perception anxious, every day I’m faced the anguish
Of fakin’ and savin’ faces, so drainin’, I pray it changes
Self-hatred’s an understatement for makin’ the bed I lay in
My faith and my patience shaken, I’m cravin’ a new awakenin’
I’m chasin’ myself, I’m wavin’, complainin’ that I’m evadin’
Betrayin’ myself was strainin’ and slayed by my past, I’m racin’
That ancient indoctrination, I’m blazin’ whatever’s failin’
And scrapin’ up the remainin’, be shapin’ my soul creatin’
Embracin’ the new foundation, no swayin’, no more decayin’
The process of excavation, surveillin’ what needs replacin’
This daily, can’t get complacent, I’m takin’ solo vacations
I need solitude, I think a bottle too, many problems due
To not wanting to upset my family, plus I got the news
That sadness ain’t allowed from the same crowd that turns around
And asks for sad songs, tell me how, ’cause as a man, you cannot frown
Don’t make a sound, just a stand up proud
No one appreciatin’ us until we’re dead and underground
It’s no surprise that suicide is super high, it’s not unusual
‘Cause men know that they only get their flowers at their funeral
We’re hardenin’ ourselves instead of gardennin’ ourselves
Suppressed emotions, we’re alone, so now we’re targetin’ ourselves
Don’t wanna talk to out of pride, in fear of comin’ off weak
Some women lookin’ at you lesser if there’s tears on your cheek
But if there’s tears tattooed, that same girl is a freak
So they attracted to the pain unless they hear the pain speak
Society romanticizin’ silent sufferers, stoicism is sexy
Unless he can’t show that, he fucks with her, if that’s your girl, be done with her
‘Cause if you’re numb to the pain, then you’re numb to the pleasure
Whether it’s sun or it’s rain, to you it’s all the same weather
These days I’m better off retreated and reserved
On a resort, then re-emerge feelin’ recharged and reassured that I’m

Then you’re numb to the pleasure
I wanna feel like I’m myself
When they hit me, all the walls were
Before I leave, you should know
Easy to love you
Promise me