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Tag: Album: ADOLESCENCE (2022)

BAYNK - 1 Chance Lyrics

BAYNK – 1 Chance Lyrics

1 Chance Lyrics – BAYNK One chance to take it all back Be forgiven, I’ll give you, give you One chance to take it all back Be forgiven, be, be […]

BAYNK - Remember Lyrics

BAYNK – Remember Lyrics

Remember Lyrics – BAYNK Oh Remember when you and I Started out as friends, getting high? Say the word and I’ll be down to go Anywhere as long as we’re […]

BAYNK - Naked Lyrics

BAYNK – Naked Lyrics

Naked Lyrics – BAYNK Face down I get excited when you come around Get caught up on tryna pin you down Your fingers ’round my neck, they’re feeling soft now […]

BAYNK - Till It's Even Lyrics

BAYNK – Till It’s Even Lyrics

Till It’s Even Lyrics – BAYNK Your love First light, I want to come around I try to keep it down But the sound and the light Keeps flickering off […]

BAYNK - When I'm Alone Lyrics

BAYNK – When I’m Alone Lyrics

When I’m Alone Lyrics – BAYNK Up in my mind there’s a place I go Trees, open hearts and falling snow ‘Cause I’m alone Better that way I tell myself […]

BAYNK & Cub Sport - Mine Lyrics

BAYNK & Cub Sport – Mine Lyrics

Mine Lyrics – BAYNK & Cub Sport You’re there shining brightly But I know you’re guarding And I’m not begging I’m just letting you in Do you feel it different? […]

BAYNK - Easther Lyrics

BAYNK – Easther Lyrics

Easther Lyrics – BAYNK Oh, I’ve been waiting for you to show tonight too long Only be coming back when they’re turning the lights all off Tell me you’ve seen […]