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Leowi, Jex – Need You Lyrics

Need You Lyrics by Leowi, Jex I don’t need air, When i breathe you And i don’t need care, When i bleed you I see you and i.. Die inside […]

DNMO – Definition Forbidden Lyrics

Definition Forbidden Lyrics by DNMO (feat. Bijou Dream) Y’know you’re quite nice to look at You’ve got my attention Our bodies become weapons And I don’t even know your name […]

Two Friends – Dollar Menu Lyrics

Dollar Menu Lyrics by Two Friends (feat. Dani Poppitt) My blue eyes and cute face Come with the tears I cry My lips you taste speak all my little lies […]

Kilter – Overdrive Lyrics

Overdrive Lyrics by Kilter feat. Yorke Caught up in the thrill of it all Gold dripping from your lips when you talk And you weren’t mine to keep But I […]

Whales & ggnoaa – Paranoia Lyrics

Paranoia Lyrics by Whales & ggnoaa I’ve been keeping myself so busy Pushing out the misery Trying to find a piece in me I wanna be, I wanna be I […]

Avicii – Hey Brother Lyrics

Hey Brother Lyrics by Avicii Fdeat. Dan Tyminski Hey brother There’s an endless road to rediscover Hey sister Know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker Oh, if the sky […]

Nimez & LEVR – Easy Lyrics

Easy Lyrics by Nimez & LEVR feat. Harley Bird Not get had back and i’m getting it like that if your down easy come easy go Thown it back Like […]

Ofenbach - Rock It Lyrics

Ofenbach – Rock It Lyrics

Rock It Lyrics by Ofenbach [Ofenbach] Rock it [Ofenbach] You’re my nicotine, I’m your dirty teen You’re my girl, you are my reason to believe You’re my ecstasy, I’m your […]

Kooma & Veela – Enough Lyrics

Enough Lyrics by Kooma & Veela Forget everything I said To make you feel like I would leave I’ve gotta talk you out of it And see our similarities Everything […]

GRiZ – The Escape Lyrics

The Escape Lyrics by GRiZ [GRiZ] And like a mirage in the desert, poof, he was gone [GRiZ] I’m getting closer to thinking that there’s a way out It’s got […]

Asketa – Real Love Lyrics

Real Love Lyrics by Asketa & Natan Chaim Feat. Kyle Reynolds You’re like a sunrise at midnight, I never wanna leave But when your eyes meet mine it brings me […]

Bassnectar – Dive Lyrics

Dive Lyrics by Bassnectar (feat. RD) One time, one time, one time I wanna hear it one time, one time, one time I wanna hear it one time, one time, […]

GRiZ – It Gets Better

It Gets Better Lyrics by GRiZ (feat. DRAM) We Won I know, I know it gets better. Aye You ain’t gotta be stressed out, and Go and turn the music […]

Alison Wonderland – Peace Lyrics

Peace Lyrics by Alison Wonderland [Alison Wonderland] Someday Someday [Alison Wonderland] Nights are numb, days are dead Tried to fix you, broke myself instead I wonder why I can’t sleep […]

Conro – Remember You Lyrics

Remember You Lyrics by Conro [Conro] I still remember how it used to be Holding hands, running wild and free Crossed our hearts, said we’d never let go (We’d never […]

Martin Garrix – Mistaken Lyrics

Mistaken Lyrics by Martin Garrix (feat. Alex Aris) Oh, we’ve been at it for so, so long And you keep telling me that I’m wrong And your eyes only see […]