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Tag: Electronic/Dance

Major Lazer - Tiny Lyrics

Major Lazer – Tiny Lyrics

Tiny Lyrics – Major Lazer Mi want a big batty gyal wid a waist pon tiny, tiny One Jamaican gyal wid a pum pon chiney, chiney Mi want a big […]

CARBIN & hayve - Murderer Lyrics

CARBIN & hayve – Murderer Lyrics

Murderer By CARBIN & hayve You made a mistake Underestimating what you’ve taken on I’m out of the cage, ’cause you opened the door You’re as innocent as gone ‘Cause […]

Abraxis - Half Of It Lyrics

Abraxis – Half Of It Lyrics

Half Of It By Abraxis One more time One more flight One more kiss One more night One more time Keep a place for my heart even when it’s in […]