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CLiQ – Dance on the Table Lyrics

Dance on the Table by CLiQ ft. Caitlyn Scarlett, Kida Kudz, Double S Life’s a bar I dance on the table Two tongue tangled up like one Two dove making […]

Elohim – ​running Lyrics

running by Elohim [Elohim] Imagine you’re running through the jungle And a lion is chasing you You’re running your a-- off and you can’t get away The lion is anxiety […]

Tom Wilson – Until I Die Lyrics

Until I Die by Tom Wilson (feat. joegarratt) [Verse 1] Everything falls into place The minute you leave and give me space I wanna know how it feels to live […]

Simbai & Eyemèr – Thunder Lyrics

Thunder by Simbai & Eyemèr So i’ve come to that conclusion Just a rotten piece of fruit So i’ll end up dying slowly Rotting away See i just want to […]

Dritic – For You Lyrics

For You by Dritic Your eyes Light up my dark within Clockwise Yeah, things just feel so right Oh, I say And I know I’m falling But I’m falling just for […]

Robin Schulz – All This Love Lyrics

All This Love Lyrics by Robin Schulz (feat. Harlœ) Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Dance 2 AM in this cheap hotel Thought a little bit of space would help us […]

Leowi, Jex – Need You Lyrics

Need You Lyrics by Leowi, Jex I don’t need air, When i breathe you And i don’t need care, When i bleed you I see you and i.. Die inside […]

DNMO – Definition Forbidden Lyrics

Definition Forbidden Lyrics by DNMO (feat. Bijou Dream) You know your quite nice to look at You’ve got my attention Nobody’s become what bout’s And i don’t even know your […]