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Tag: Electronic/Dance

Kazaky – Push Lyrics

Push Lyrics by Kazaky (Feat. Gaspar) My dance is my freedom My dance floor is kingdom My moves are my story My glory and holly My dance is my freedom […]

Syence – Firehazard Lyrics

Firehazard by Syence (feat. Emily Falvey) Know you’re no good for me But you’ve got that energy That i have to have you feeling And i know your feeling me […]

Enzo Ingrosso – Who Am I Lyrics

Who Am I Lyrics by Enzo Ingrosso (feat. Conrad Sewell) So I don’t care if we never get richer I don’t mind if we don’t have a dime I don’t […]

YACHT – (Downtown) Dancing Lyrics

Lyrics: (Downtown) Dancing by YACHT Welcome to your pleasure Just don’t make a sound I’m laid back, I’m laughing I’m making a punch Lucky me, I’m leaving Make my party […]

SG Lewis - Dawn - EP Lyrics

SG Lewis – Dawn – EP Lyrics

Artist: SG Lewis Released: June 21, 2019 Genre: Electronic Tracklist: 1. Blue 2. Throwaway 3. Rest 4. Overdose 5. Flames 6. Easy Loving You Read All Lyrics to “Dawn” EP

Ofelia K – Different Lyrics

Different Lyrics by Ofelia K I feel different I feel so strange I feel different I am misplaced I go the movies I go the stores I watch from the […]

Dualities – A Place For Us Lyrics

A Place For Us by Dualities I’m into you, for you know the way I’m gonna choose You know the words, I’m about to say Before my mouth moves Some […]

Julian Jordan – To The Wire Lyrics

To The Wire by Julian Jordan Do you still drive a silver mustang Does it still have texas plates If i called you, would you answer Is your number still […]

Sir Matty V – Worlds Away Lyrics

Worlds Away by Sir Matty V We are the universe (The universe) So beautiful (So beautiful) Through all of the hurt We’ll stand (We’ll stand) Invincible (Invincible) So beautiful (So […]

John Gibbons – Hotstepper Lyrics

Hotstepper by John Gibbons Here come the hotstepper (Murderer) I’m the lyrical gangster (Murderer) Big up the crew in-a de area (Murderer) Still love you like that (Murderer) Here come […]

Kays – Dirty Heaven Lyrics

Dirty Heaven by Kays (feat. Akacia) Everywhere you go it’s magical Everything you do you got me good Wish i could take credit but it’s all you Take my steps […]