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Tag: Hip-Hop/Rap

Busta Rhymes - YUUUU Lyrics

Busta Rhymes – YUUUU Lyrics

Lyrics YUUUU By Busta Rhymes, Anderson .Paak Double, triple check (Check, check) Feelin’ like you owe a couple checks (Checks, checks) Heh Bitch, I had to bust a U Came […]

Rapsody - 12 Problems Lyrics

Rapsody – 12 Problems Lyrics

12 Problems By Rapsody Yeah, y’all bogus Real goofy I ain’t never lost focus Nah, y’all bogus Yeah, the dark flesh Bob Mar’ Speak mine, what you thought dem 99 […]

LPB Poody - Connected Lyrics

LPB Poody – Connected Lyrics

Connected By LPB Poody You know them pipes come sealed when you connect em (no cap, Aye) They don’t like it but they respect it Ten k for breakfast I […]