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Tag: Hip-Hop/Rap

Celebs React To Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Celebs and Rappers React To Nipsey Hussle’s Death (Lil Pump, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Drake, Meek Mill, Kodak Black, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Offset, Boosie Badazz, Michael […]

DTG – Lily Lyrics

Lily Lyrics by DTG Yeah Hey you over there I need your attention I’ve had the signal my mind now I’ve been meaning [?] Come sit down right here look […]

Merkules – Letter To Nipsey Lyrics

Letter To Nipsey Lyrics by Merkules (RIP) Let’s go f**k it What i can say man it’s a letter to nip you were legend and your legacy will never forget […]

Elon Musk – RIP Harambe Lyrics

RIP Harambe Lyrics by Elon Musk [Intro] R.I.P. Harambe, yeah (R.I.P.) (Harambe, we love you) And we thinkin’ about you (We thinkin’ about you) (Yeah, yeah, yeah) All y’all, all […]

Lil Duke – Petty Lyrics

Petty Lyrics by Lil Duke (feat. Gunna) [Gunna] Yeah, I’m- I’m just gon’ keep some player Pop it like, player s**t I’m on Yeah, uh B Racks Oh Y3 [Gunna] […]

Lil Uzi Vert – Free Uzi Lyrics

Free Uzi Lyrics by Lil Uzi Vert Oh my God, what is this? An L beat? Free Uzi, yeah This an L beat Yeah, I remember when that girl didn’t […]

Saweetie – 1 of 1 Lyrics

(Came with the check Let him know Punk) Make my butt look big, ah Talk a lot of s**t, these b*****s can get wet (B***h) Talk a lot of s**t […]

Saweetie – Hot Boy Lyrics

(Daddy, what did you get me today? What’s in the bag? It better be some ice Hahaha… For real, quit playing with me (Icy) Like, I want all that s**t […]

Saweetie – Dipped in Ice Lyrics

(Hit-Boy) Oh, your lil’ daddy got me dipped in ice Dip, dipped in ice Oh, your lil’ daddy got me dipped in ice Dip, dipped in ice Oh, your lil’ […]

Saweetie – My Type Lyrics

Hennessy on my lips, take a little sip Privacy on the door, I’ma make the s**t grip Rich n***a, eight figure, that’s my type That’s my type, n***a that’s my […]

Saweetie – Tip Toes Lyrics

[Quavo:] Yeah (Buddah Bless this beat) Yeah Ayy Let me tell you ’bout this chick from the West Coast (Woah) Light skin, baby hairs, but she do the most (Uh) […]

Saweetie – Trick Lyrics

(Murda on the beat so it’s not nice) Moola, moola, moola, man, that’s all I give a f**k about Dollar deals and family, man, that’s all I give a f**k […]

TOBi – Werking Lyrics

Oluwatobiloba Ki lon shele  Ay mi lord Na wa o!  Yessa Long time no see Freedom ain’t free That mean, I been Werkin Werkin, Werkin, Werkin Werkin, Werk,  Werkin, Werkin, […]

DDG – Arguments Lyrics

TreOnTheBeat, yeah Look, baby, listen, them hoes was lyin’ Here, take a tissue, don’t like you cryin’ I wouldn’t cheat bae, you’re just too perfect I cannot lose you, it’s […]

Duckwrth - UNSTATUS QUO Lyrics

Duckwrth – UNSTATUS QUO Lyrics

Get on down, uh Whatcha here for? Now, tell me Say, whatcha here for? Now, tell me Say, whatcha here for? Nah What’s up? Uh, I hear you talkin’ (But) […]

6 Dogs – Max Keeble Lyrics

[6x] Making big moves Max keeble Looking down at the water like a seagull Took a trip at the movies at the regal And I’m tired all that noise, can’t […]

Lil Xan – Bloody Nose Lyrics

Get the money f**k them hoe’s I like girls with pretty toes I like getting head some dome Wrote this with a bloody nose Get the money f**k them hoe’s […]

Birdman – Broke Lyrics

[Juvenile] B***h, you broke Broke, hey D-Roc B***h, you broke D-Roc [Juvenile] You ain’t got no money, b***h, you broke You trippin’, boy, you must be sniffin’ coke I’m laughin’ […]

Saweetie – Emotional Lyrics

(feat. Quavo) (No way) Talk, talk to me Break it down, break it down for a chick with some money, yeah (Boom) She gon’ break it down for the Huncho […]

YBN Nahmir – Baby 8 Lyrics

There was one hoe, cheated on that b***h then I felt bad (yeah) Two poles tucked up on my waist, where my pants sag (sag) AR’s somewhere in the trap, […]

Russ – AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics

AINT GOIN BACK Lyrics by Russ Ain’t no f*****g way I’m going back Got way too much s**t to take care of And I’m having way too much fun pissing […]