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SYML – Bed Lyrics

Bed Lyrics by SYML [SYML] in the still of the night at the foot of your bed i guess i was lost i guess i got in over my head  […]

Crumb – Nina Lyrics

Nina Lyrics by Crumb [Crumb] Something’s up with Liz She’s lying through her teeth She hides it underneath Buying things that she don’t need [Crumb] She can play the game […]

Sego – Give Me Lyrics

Give Me Lyrics by Sego [Sego] Ya, ya, ya, uh Ya, uh, stop Keep goin’, keep goin’, keep goin’ [Sego] I think it’s time we all start acting our age […]

PUP – Scorpion Hill Lyrics

Scorpion Hill Lyrics by PUP [PUP] Up on Scorpion Hill watching life Passing me by in the pale moonlight And I sat there forever, three sheets to the wind It’s […]

Ashe – Moral of the Story Lyrics

Moral of the Story Lyrics by Ashe [Ashe] So I never really knew you God I really tried to Blindsided, addicted Thought we could really do this But really I […]

Matt Maeson – Hallucinogenics Lyrics

Hallucinogenics Lyrics by Matt Maeson [Matt Maeson] Pushing past the limit, trippin’ on hallucinogenics My cigarette burnt my finger ’cause I forgot I lit it [Matt Maeson] Rippin’ with my […]

No Doubt – Just A Girl Lyrics

Just A Girl Lyrics by No Doubt From Teen Spirit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Take this pink ribbon off my eyes I’m exposed, and it’s no big surprise Don’t you […]

Barrie – Saturated Lyrics

Saturated Lyrics by Barrie I’m feeling woozy in the back Watching you talk and you laugh I could follow you talking that way I could follow you talking that way […]

Movements – Full Circle Lyrics

Full Circle Lyrics by Movements I’m tearing apart at the seams Still trying to mend these holes in my jeans Leaving my skin to stain as I bleed Give up, […]

YONAKA – Lose Our Heads Lyrics

(Lose our, lose our heads) (Lose our, lose our heads) Have we all gone blind? Falling under the times Cooped up at home, too comfortable to go outside Never satisfied […]

Yoke Lore – Chin Up Lyrics

Your feelings they arrest you The tragic they will bless you You don’t respect the past And you think the world’s unsafe And you think that you gotta act Like […]

Jade Bird - My Motto Lyrics

Jade Bird – My Motto Lyrics

My Motto Lyrics By Jade Bird Oh now It hurts again ‘Cause I’m left out I believe the promises Oh how Does it hurt again? I should know now Better […]

Shura – BKLYNLDN Lyrics

I could pretend I’m Jesus That I’m gonna heal your body And darling I see what you’re wearing Why don’t you come inside? And I’ve never been with anybody like […]

SASAMI – Not the Time Lyrics

Not the Time Lyrics By SASAMI One of these nights I’m Gonna see you dance again One of these nights I’m Gonna feel your arms again This is not the […]

Kerli – Mimicry Lyrics

Mimicry Lyrics by Kerli [Kerli] I braved the sea of ice Cut to the bone I was frozen and blue Just to see you I followed all your signs Pressed […]

Cherry Glazerr – Wasted Nun

Cherry Glazerr – Wasted Nun Lyrics

Wasted Nun Lyrics By Cherry Glazerr [Cherry Glazerr] Flesh and bones, giving in I can’t see the fog I’m in But it’s there, in my eyes In my car, in […]

Foals – Sunday Lyrics

Sunday Lyrics By Foals Time has come and time is gone Cities burn, we got youth to spend And time to waste in love To live again, my friend Through […]