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Tag: Indie

City and Colour – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers by City and Colour Don’t wake me when this is over Just let me drift amidst my dreams I need to regain composure And right now my heart is […]

Cones – Moonstone Lyrics

Lyrics: Moonstone by Cones You’ll be out of here soon enough With a white stone in the palm of your hand What could be better than the bright moon High […]

Hatchie - Keepsake

Hatchie – Keepsake (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Hatchie Release date: June 21, 2019 Label: Heavenly Genre: Alternative/Indie Tracklist 1. Not That Kind 2. Without a Blush 3. Her Own Heart 4. Obsessed 5. Unwanted Guest 6. […]

Liam Gallagher Shares “Shockwave” Video: Watch

Liam Gallagher has released music video for new single “Shockwave”. Watch it below. “Shockwave Lyrics” Quotable : It’s coming round like a shockwave It’s coming round like shockwave You played the […]

Stef Chura – Midnight (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Stef Chura Release date: June 7, 2019 Label: Saddle Creek Genre: Alternative/Indie Tracklist: 01. All I Do is Lie 02. Scream 03. Degrees 04. Method Man 05. Trumbull 06. […]

Sløtface – Telepathetic Lyrics

Telepathetic Lyrics by Sløtface Feels like you’re waiting For every week to end Just trying to get to the weekend Trying to get some time to rest your head Got […]

Samsaruh – Powerlines Lyrics

Powerlines Lyrics by Samsaruh And I try, try to shake my shadows away Lift the volume cause the sound, it always stays But we are a monster, and we are […]

Bastille – Those Nights Lyrics

Those Nights Lyrics by Bastille I can feel your eyes in the back of my head Burning, burning, burning Floating through the room as the hairs on my arms are […]

Vampire Weekend – Unbearably White Lyrics

Unbearably White Lyrics by Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend “HUnbearably White” from album Father of the Bride (2019) “Unbearably White” release date : May 3, 2019 Baby, I love you But […]

slenderbodies – dewdrops Lyrics

dewdrops Lyrics [slenderbodies] Find the delight That you didn’t know Call it something sweeter Like water on the stone And maybe you did nothing Nothing here at fault You’re tending […]

Bleached – Hard to Kill Lyrics

Hard to Kill Lyrics Place a gun to my heart I don’t care cause friday I’m in love We had a plan Don’t make it weird What i like baby […]

Divino Niño – Maria Lyrics

Maria Lyrics by Divino Niño [Divino Niño] María, anoche me decías Que no me querías Comienza aquí mi herida ¿Por qué te quitas la camisa El overol y tan de […]

SYML – Bed Lyrics

Bed Lyrics by SYML [SYML] in the still of the night at the foot of your bed i guess i was lost i guess i got in over my head  […]