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Tag: Indie

Foals – Sunday Lyrics

Sunday Lyrics By Foals Time has come and time is gone Cities burn, we got youth to spend And time to waste in love To live again, my friend Through […]

Weezer – High As A Kite Lyrics

High As A Kite Lyrics by Weezer [Weezer] I think I’m going parasailing Miles above it’s so serene I’m letting go of all the troubles That I’ve seen, that I’ve […]

Wallows – Scrawny Lyrics

Scrawny Lyrics by Wallows [Wallows] Used to be level with all my friends Still wear the same shoes I wore back then I don’t think they’ve ever been untied I […]

Hozier – Dinner & Diatribes Lyrics

Dinner & Diatribes Lyrics by Hozier [HOZIER] Honey, this club here is stuck up Dinner and diatribes I knew it from the first look of The look of mischief in […]