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Tag: Pop

Zachary Knowles - city Lyrics

Zachary Knowles – city Lyrics

city By Zachary Knowles I woke up in the city Nothing on my mind but you Not the same without you with me ‘Cause I need you to be here […]

Denai Moore - To The Brink Lyrics

Denai Moore – To The Brink Lyrics

To The Brink By Denai Moore Unmoved since the morn’, drinking last nights lukewarm tea It’s been moving in my head, what you said to me last week Just look […]

Lauv - Miss Me (Demo) Lyrics

Lauv – Miss Me (Demo) Lyrics

Miss Me (Demo) By Lauv I would cut these girls off for you If you say you wanted me too I don’t know what’s changed with you But something’s different […]

Photay - Is It Right Lyrics

Photay – Is It Right? Lyrics

Is It Right? By Photay I’ve had the honor Of listening to your story I’ve found a question And I’d like your point of view Now that you’ve found it […]