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Tag: Pop

Castle – Time After Time Lyrics

Castle – Time After Time Lyrics

Time After Time By Castle I knew a girl She loved raining days And walking though New York It was a time she was mine She putted a color inside of my grey world […]

Lisa Cimorelli - Fading Away Lyrics

Lisa Cimorelli – Fading Away Lyrics

Fading Away By Lisa Cimorelli I feel like I’ve been gone for a long time My body’s present but I cannot find my mind I used to love feeling everything […]

Cher Lloyd – Lost Lyrics

Lost By Cher Lloyd I heard from a friend of a friend that you’ve been checking back in (Mmh-mmh-mmh) ‘Cause I said goodbye, moved overnight, and you haven’t heard much […]

Zhavia Ward – Waiting Lyrics

Waiting By Zhavia Ward Think i got you on my mind Not really one to waste my time What you doing, what ya saying I ain’t really got no feelings […]

Bazzi – I Got You Lyrics

I Got You By Bazzi So don’t trip, I got you I put ice on your wrist ’cause I want to, yeah You’re number one, and I’m cool with two […]