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julia clara – Shiver Lyrics

Shiver by julia clara I can dream when i see you I can slave when i think about Your face, your smell, you’re [?] You’re a wizard and your magic […]

Laleh – City of Angels Lyrics

City of Angels by Laleh Waking up, I’m waking up [?] Walk alone strangers And everybody smiles But all I’m thinking is Why am i here it’s nice I’ve seen […]

Sira – Gold And Light Lyrics

Gold And Light by Sira Look through the lens [?] Through a little smiles, stay a little while It never ends, it never ends Trying to your discuss even know […]

Moo Malika – Bigger Than Lyrics

Moo Malika – Bigger Than Lyrics

Bigger Than by Moo Malika I’m feeling small when you call you’re the noise of my head I don’t need you to scream, don’t you call me like that Your […]

AUSTN – Rare Lyrics

Rare Up by AUSTN You know me best by far [?] You know [?] WE are the special one One that the [?] for You are my perfect girl You […]

X Lovers – King Of Capulet Lyrics

King Of Capulet by X Lovers Isn’t it lovely That I’m in this place with you Oh, isn’t it something That this feel like something new? (Feel like something new) […]

LORYN – Stand By Lyrics

Stand By Lyrics by LORYN ft. Rudimental I shouldn’t call you in this days I’m still to come fight, gotta chase it I shouldn’t call you in this days ‘Cause […]

Grace-Attalie – Standards Lyrics

Standards by Grace-Attalie No. no, no, no freeedom Just, just, just, costumes Nudity only allowed in bathrooms hey If no one can promise tomorrow Who sets up these standards that […]

Lola Coca – Damaged Goods Lyrics

Damaged Goods by Lola Coca Don’t want to waste yout time I know you desrve more, more Before i’m out of line I’ll hit you with the curve ball Oh […]

Jonas Brothers - Lovebug Lyrics

Lovebug by Jonas Brothers [Nick Jonas] Called you for the first time yesterday Finally found the missing part of me I felt so close, but you were far away Left […]

Katy Perry – Dark Horse Lyrics

Dark Horse Lyrics by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J [Juicy J] Yeah, ya’ll know what it is Katy Perry, Juicy J Uh huh, let’s rage! [Katy Perry] I knew you […]

Rosie Lowe – Pharoah Lyrics

Pharoah by Rosie Lowe [Rosie Lowe] My hair is known, my face is right My eyes are heather, but worlds apart I brush my teeth, lotus leaves You can feel […]

Ari Lennox - FaceTime Lyrics

Ari Lennox – FaceTime Lyrics

FaceTime by Ari Lennox [Ari Lennox] Go back that s--- up on me Back up all that s--- you talking FaceTimin’ my baby tonight Bet you wanna cop the feel […]

Karol G – OCEAN (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Karol G Release date: May 3, 2019 Genre: Pop Label: Universal Music Latino Tracklist: Ocean Punto G Love With A Quality Baby Sin Corazón Dices Que Te Vas Pineapple […]

Off Bloom – Am I Insane? Lyrics

Am I Insane? Lyrics by Off Bloom Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: Pop (Am I insane?) No, you do alright, you’re doing better (Feel so ashamed) Take a chill, pretend […]