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Rihanna – Here I Go Again Lyrics

Here I Go Again Lyrics by Rihanna Feat. J-Status [Rihanna] It’s been a minute since I saw you, boy Must admit, it’s good to hear your voice And I guess […]

Gia Woods – Keep On Coming Lyrics

Keep On Coming Lyrics by Gia Woods [Gia Woods] Hey there, hey there I see those pheromones right through the air, air No fair, no fair, tormenting me when the […]

Cyn – Terrible Ideas Lyrics

Terrible Ideas Lyrics by Cyn [Cyn] Look at us Talking ’bout things like we’re rich enough Book a flight, took a flight to Paris And you look at me like, […]

Push Baby – Mama’s House Lyrics

Mama’s House Lyrics by Push Baby [Push Baby] My life’s a juxtaposition What I got and what I’m missing What I want and what I’m wishing, right I got a […]

Matt Simons – Dust Lyrics

Dust Lyrics by Matt Simons [Matt Simons] There’s a part of us all that is weak And it’s hard to admit what I need So on nights that I’ve had […]

MAX - Love Me Less Lyrics

MAX – Love Me Less Lyrics

Love Me Less Lyrics by MAX (feat. Quinn XCII) [MAX] Would you love me less? If you knew the places that I’ve been? If you knew the damage that I […]

Tayla Parx – Happy Birthday (interlude) Lyrics

Happy Birthday (interlude) Lyrics by Tayla Parx Full Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Back Later. Song: “Happy Birthday (interlude)” Lyrics Artist: Tayla Parx Release date: April 5, 2019 Genre: […]

MARINA – Enjoy Your Life Lyrics

Enjoy Your Life Lyrics I, I know You’ve been feeling stuck, feeling low You can’t see How good this life can be Looking to the future like it’s gonna make […]

No Doubt – Just A Girl Lyrics

Just A Girl Lyrics by No Doubt From Teen Spirit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Take this pink ribbon off my eyes I’m exposed, and it’s no big surprise Don’t you […]

Jonas Brothers – Cool Lyrics

Cool Lyrics by Jonas Brothers [Nick Jonas] I’m feeling so cool From top to the bottom, just cool Every little thing that I do Well, dammit, I’m feelin’ so cool, […]

Austin Mahone – Anxious Lyrics

Anxious Lyrics by Austin Mahone What’s up? What’s up? What’s up? Usually I’m cool enough but Usually I don’t see someone That look like they could be the one, one […]

Pigeon John – Play It Again Lyrics

Play It Again Lyrics by Pigeon John (From Breakthrough Movie Soundtrack) Play it again Play it again for me (Play it again) Can’t stop me let it al hang out […]

Aly & AJ – Church Lyrics

Church Lyrics by Aly & AJ I do bad things for the sake of good times I don’t, I don’t regret Call me what you will Yeah, I’m in it […]

Bazzi – Caught In The Fire Lyrics

Caught In The Fire Lyrics by Bazzi The world on fire Let’s celebrate, let’s have a toast While we sit and we watch the whole world go up in flames […]

Westlife – Better Man Lyrics

Better Man Lyrics by J Balvin You and I had something special, baby Something that you only see on movie screens, I know Lately, I’ve been missing you like crazy […]

Mario Fresh – Solo Lyrics

Solo Lyrics by Mario Fresh Solo Si s-ar putea sa mor de dor, eu D- aia sunt solo Nu mai am inima, am un cub de gheata acolo Solo Si […]

Shaylen – BTW Lyrics

Gucci Sweaters, old love letters Hurt myself tryna make you better And I hate ‘em now Yeah I really hate ‘em now God almighty, f****d your psyche Loved yourself more […]

Kelsey Lu – Blood Lyrics

Blood is written in the law  nothings hidden after all  someone’s missing all our calls  and im tryin to get through  Bodies written in the law bodies hidden in the […]

Rhys Lewis – End Like This Lyrics

We were tryna move out Tryna find our own place Dreaming ‘bout the houses that we can’t afford A table in the kitchen Breakfast in the garden Even knew the […]

Camilo – No Te Vayas Lyrics

Ya falta poquito pa volver a verte Mi boca sin tu boca es una eternidad La noche tiene cara de que va a estar buena Buena… muy buena Ponte lo […]