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Tag: Pop

Sheldon Riley – Frozen Lyrics

Frozen Lyrics by Sheldon Riley You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be? You’re frozen When your heart’s not […]

WENGIE – Talk Talk Lyrics

Talk Talk Lyrics by WENGIE Talk, talk, talk And it’s breaking my heart (All you do is talk, talk, talk, talk) Shut up! Talk, talk, talk And it’s breaking my […]

Danny Jones – Muddy Water Lyrics

Muddy Water by Danny Jones When you find yourself in a broken home When you find you cannot be alone Then you find you’re made, made out of stone But […]

Austin Ryan – Ruined Lyrics

Ruined by Austin Ryan Freed the grip to your past Did you want to just crash? All the warmth in my body Did you want it to last? Every drop […]

KLARA – Kinda Cool Lyrics

Kinda Cool by KLARA I’m no talker, I speak with a fade I’m no boxer, I just walk away It’s no shocker they think I’m a fail Social blocker, I […]