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Tag: Pop

Vistas - Stranger Lyrics

Vistas – Stranger Lyrics

Stranger By Vistas I can be over in five, and I promise I’ll be sober But then you tell me it’s over, you like to cover up Say you don’t […]

Jake Miller - ROSS AND RACHEL Lyrics

Jake Miller – ROSS AND RACHEL Lyrics

ROSS AND RACHEL By Jake Miller Started out as friends, only friends But I knew from that moment (I knew from that moment) That I was falling fast, falling fast […]

Taylor Swift - the lakes Lyrics

Taylor Swift – the lakes Lyrics

the lakes By Taylor Swift Is it romantic how all of my elegies eulogize me? I’m not cut out for all these cynical clones These hunters with cell phones Take […]

Phoebe Ryan - Henny Lyrics

Phoebe Ryan – Henny Lyrics

Henny By Phoebe Ryan I need to be responsible ‘Cause I was so dysfunctional It worries me how much it didn’t before Sleepin’ all day wakin’ up on the floor […]

Zachary Knowles - city Lyrics

Zachary Knowles – city Lyrics

city By Zachary Knowles I woke up in the city Nothing on my mind but you Not the same without you with me ‘Cause I need you to be here […]