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Tag: R&B

Freja Kirk – Lost Intention Lyrics

Lost Intention Lyrics Freja Kirk I just wanna feel something  ‘Cos I never really feel nothing  VERSE 1 I used to cheat on all my feelings  till they started beating […]

Maverick Sabre – Her Grace Lyrics

Her Grace Lyrics Maverick Sabre (Feat. Chronixx) Who heard her call Unlock the door She lost her smile behind the curtains as she falls There’s blood on her drawers She’s […]

KEY's forever yours

KEY’s – Forever Yours Lyrics

Forever Yours Lyrics by SHINee’s Key (Feat. 소유) Hangul: 좀 더 깊이 빠질 땐 밤이 유난히 짧긴 해 한 생각만 가득 찬 풍선처럼 떠 다녀 난 요즘 그래 터질 듯 […]

Trey Songz – Shootin Shots Lyrics

Shootin Shots Lyrics by Trey Songz Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Tory Lanez Released : 2018 Trey Songz:] You caught a vibe, vibe shootin’ shots, why not? Hitmaka! Baby, I’ma […]

Joji – WANTED U Lyrics

WANTED U Lyrics by Joji Released : 2018 Here I am Torn into a thousand shapes and folds Torn into a thousand ways, I know Fornicate inside your broken homes […]

Nao – Saturn (Album Lyrics)

Album : Saturn Release Date: October 26, 2018 Genre : R&B Saturn (Album Tracklist) Nao “Another Lifetime” Lyrics Nao “Make It Out Alive” Lyrics Nao “If You Ever” Lyrics Nao […]

Nao – A Life Like This Lyrics

A Life Like This Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 [Hook] You You You [Verse 1] [?] did you ever dream of a life like this? You’re like a window […]

Nao – Yellow of the Sun Lyrics

Yellow of the Sun Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 Swimming pools, swimming pools Now that you put her on a pedestal Light the fuel, light the fuel Flyin’ off […]

Nao – Don’t Change Lyrics

Don’t Change Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 We overcame, changin’ lanes Colored lights, bright and yellow-blue Show me the love, feelin’ numb Tracks are gone, I’m in two You […]

Nao – Curiosity Lyrics

Curiosity Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 Touch me when you feel that ember light Candle-wax drippin’ ’til we’re color-blind Fingertips to trace my lips Tension ’til the moment gives […]

Nao – Love Supreme Lyrics

Love Supreme Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 I guess that’s the way it goes With everything that we get to know Still we’re just coastin’, coastin’, coastin’ How I […]

Nao – Orbit Lyrics

Orbit Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 It’s just you, it’s just me I lost you in dreams Now I’m falling Please don’t catch, let me break Into pieces of […]

Nao – Saturn Lyrics

Saturn Lyrics by Nao Released : 2018 I orbit around the way that you are Can’t help but be drawn because you’re a star Baby, baby, baby, baby Won’t you […]