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Tag: R&B

KWAYE - RUN Lyrics

KWAYE – RUN Lyrics

RUN Lyrics – KWAYE Ooh Ooh Ooh Livin’ by the gun You gotta put your best foot forward She told her son if you wanna see your daughter You better […]

Phony Ppl - On My Shit Lyrics

Phony Ppl – On My Shit Lyrics

On My Shit Lyrics – Phony Ppl I play the outfield, that’s usually Humbly watchin’, nope, not today Put a disclaimer out ’cause I’m on my shit tonight They never […]

LunchMoney Lewis - Cheat Lyrics

LunchMoney Lewis – Cheat Lyrics

Cheat Lyrics – LunchMoney Lewis Baby you should cheat, tonight Just from 3 to 6, be mine Baby you should cheat, tonight Skip the politics, one time Why ya man […]

DOE - Good Now Lyrics

DOE – Good Now Lyrics

Good Now Lyrics – DOE Finally living right side up I was looking down I admit it Hard to see the sky from the forest when you’re in it Finally […]

Ayanis - That’s Real Lyrics

Ayanis – That’s Real Lyrics

That’s Real Lyrics – Ayanis (G-G-Give it to me) (Scott Storch) All them other girls they ain’t the same as me Simply ’cause there really ain’t no tamin’ me Crazy […]

Queen Naija - Beautiful Lyrics

Queen Naija – Beautiful Lyrics

Beautiful Lyrics – Queen Naija Lookin’ in my rearview mirror and I see tears I see all my fears And who was I afraid of? Everything I’m made of It’s […]

Queen Naija - Bitter Lyrics

Queen Naija – Bitter Lyrics

Bitter Lyrics – Queen Naija Finna get twisted with my friends Nigga fuck you and that bitch I know what you been on So I had to cut you off […]

dvsn – Greedy Lyrics

Greedy Me By dvsn Tell me when you’re ready I’ll be there when you’re ready for me You’re just a queen on a king bed I can be your throne […]

Amber Mark – Waiting (Demo) Lyrics

Waiting (Demo) By Amber Mark You’re like forever Time for a vibe Anticipatin’, when you moanin’ in my mind It can’t be measured A feelin’ like I will give up […]

TeaMarrr – Cool Enough Lyrics

Cool Enough By TeaMarrr Got body, God body Mind, body, can’t stop it, ayy You want it, you got it Drippin’ like water faucet I’d do anything, bend any way […]

Teflon Sega – Lonely & Free Lyrics

Lonely & Free By Teflon Sega Dying from loneliness Still I say leave me alone And if I start to cry when I’m singing It’s my favorite song Doing too […]