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Tag: R&B

KWAYE - RUN Lyrics

KWAYE – RUN Lyrics

RUN Lyrics – KWAYE Ooh Ooh Ooh Livin’ by the gun You gotta put your best foot forward She told her son if you wanna see your daughter You better […]

Phony Ppl - On My Shit Lyrics

Phony Ppl – On My Shit Lyrics

On My Shit Lyrics – Phony Ppl I play the outfield, that’s usually Humbly watchin’, nope, not today Put a disclaimer out ’cause I’m on my shit tonight They never […]

LunchMoney Lewis - Cheat Lyrics

LunchMoney Lewis – Cheat Lyrics

Cheat Lyrics – LunchMoney Lewis Baby you should cheat, tonight Just from 3 to 6, be mine Baby you should cheat, tonight Skip the politics, one time Why ya man […]

DOE - Good Now Lyrics

DOE – Good Now Lyrics

Good Now Lyrics – DOE Finally living right side up I was looking down I admit it Hard to see the sky from the forest when you’re in it Finally […]

Ayanis - That’s Real Lyrics

Ayanis – That’s Real Lyrics

That’s Real Lyrics – Ayanis (G-G-Give it to me) (Scott Storch) All them other girls they ain’t the same as me Simply ’cause there really ain’t no tamin’ me Crazy […]